The Team

Adam Clark

Founder & CEO

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An experienced, passionate and talented technologist with over 16 years' experience in the information management, collaboration and IT industry. Swoosh was founded by Adam Clark in 2020 after over a decade of experience leading a company providing Microsoft based solutions to tens of thousands of users. Adam has lead the business through multiple phases of growth and being a natural leader, he brings significant strength and innovative thinking to everything he puts his hand to.

Adam has excellent knowledge in many areas of IT and business with an ability to draw both together to ensure that technical and business objectives mesh to form a cohesive outcome. Adam's skills work to resolve complex problems in architecture, IT platforms, cloud solutions, Business Process Management, Business Continuity and digital disruptions. Add to this Adam's formidable experience with Microsoft SharePoint and other associated platforms, and he is well versed to meet the challenge of the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Anthony Butcher

Founder & CTO

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With a career that spans over 25 years, Anthony is adept in delivering applications to end users and working from concept to on time delivery. Anthony has written countless Desktop, Web and SharePoint solutions. He possesses a deep technical understanding across all things Microsoft and over the last 8 years Anthony has specialised in building highly innovative cloud solutions on Azure.

Our resident Azure and SharePoint guru, Anthony leads a team of highly talented developers. He has worked on projects that offer complete solution design, with focus on extreme high security and scale to satisfy the demands of various industries including Government and Banking sectors.

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