Release Communications  Swoosh Command Module 1.9 Release to Market

Published 5/3/2023

General Release 

As a Swoosh [Customer/Partner] we’re dedicated to making sure you’re up to date with the advances in applications and licensing management and in line with this the Swoosh platform continues to evolve. 

We’re proud to announce the release of Command Module 1.9.  Within the Swoosh platform, the Command Module works within a customers Microsoft 365 environment to store the core licensing and global configuration information enabling productivity within your 365 tenant. 

With the release of Version 1.9 the Swoosh team have: 

  • A number of small bug fixes around display of information and refresh of licensing data. 

  • Updates to the Swoosh landing page to give you more information on the application usage and users interfacing with your apps.   

  • A new Menu layout that highlights your licensed application, while giving you  access to the Swoosh application marketplace and recommended apps  

  • Highlights showing you applications close to or expired, ensuring you don’t get stuck with users chasing you about the apps they use 

  • Updated interfaces for License information and current version information.  This way the Command Module lets you know if there is a new version of the application available for you to upgrade 

  • Upgraded Product Information Page – The Command Module now takes you directly to the Swoosh Application Catalogue in Mission Control allowing you to manage your licensing and application activations  

  • (New & Requested by Partners) Updated licensing communications between the Command Module and Swoosh Mission Control.  This means that in Mission Control you can now see your Microsoft 365 licensing before you make a purchase 

When you’re ready to get the latest version of the Swoosh platform and its associated applications, you can download version Command Module Version 1.9 from Mission Control or go direct here (both require login) 

If you would like to know more about the Swoosh platform, the applications available and how it can save your organisation time and money, then contact us today at or signup today through