Christmas Bonus - 90 Days of Value

Published 11/29/2023

At Swoosh, we're getting into the Festive Season.  This December we're doing a Christmas Bonus for all new Swoosh partners.  

Join us on the Swoosh Journey for Christmas 2023 and we will double the commission you earn when you or our customers activate a Swoosh app for the first 90 days of your partnership.

This means we will onboard you, take you through the process of getting your sales and technical teams across the applications and platform, help you get the apps installed for FREE into your own environment and then give you the support you need to get the valuable Swoosh applications activated within your customer sites.

But if you're an existing partner, don't worry, we've also got you covered. Just let your Swoosh Partner Manager know your organisation wants to be part of this Christmas Bonus, and we'll extend the offer to you as well.

From all of us in the Swoosh Team, regardless of where you are around the world, we wish you a happy holiday season.