Becoming a Swoosh Partner

Published 11/29/2023

As we close out 2023 and focus on 2024, we're growing and bringing more applications with more functions to our customers.  However, Swoosh is focused on delivering value through Partners.  So, with that in mind, let's talk about what it means to become a Swoosh partner.

The Swoosh applications and platform were created out of the need to provide MSP's, CSV's, ISV's and bespoke consulting organisations a way to get applications and IP into customers while ensuring that:

  1. The customer gets value for money
  2. The application can be configured easily to fit different situations
  3. The application can be sold and installed by multiple organisations around the world

Another challenge in creating the Swoosh platform was the management, activation and renewal of applications, so Swoosh created a licensing and communications engine that assists in this process.  Our secure API means that we can also integrate with other licensing platforms, for example, Microsoft AppSource, to ensure that all parties (Customer, Partner, Vendor) are updated on what is being renewed, for how much and when it's due.

So, suppose you are an organisation that looks after customers on the Microsoft 365 platform. In that case, Swoosh may include a suite of applications and solutions from vendors around the world that can solve a variety of needs at a cost-effective price.

The Journey Begins with a single step

One of the first things to know about Swoosh is that regardless of whether you are a customer or a partner, there is no charge to join Swoosh.  In fact, in becoming a Swoosh partner, we provide you with internal user rights to deploy and configure the native Swoosh applications into your own Microsoft 365 environment.

The first thing to do though, is ‘Register’ to access the Swoosh Mission Control portal where you can add your customers and purchase applications to deploy into their Microsoft 365 tenant.


Once you have been through the registration process, you can connect your sales and technical staff to the platform giving them access to to download and configure the Swoosh apps.

However, as part of the journey, we can provide you with numerous resources, including sales brochures, battle cards, and demonstrations that make it easy to include Swoosh as part of your customer offering.

Of course, don't forget, that your customers can install and trial the Swoosh applications for 30 Days FREE of charge.

Lastly, on your partner journey, the understanding is that with Swoosh, there are no spreadsheets involved; when it comes time for renewal, we keep you in the loop.   You and your customers will know where, when and for how much, at least 90 days before the deadline.

The great thing about Swoosh apps and licensing is that it can be as simple as deployment and activation, or you can get involved in publishing your own content through the platform (or linking it from AppSource) to leverage Swoosh's capabilities.  The following diagram gives a high-level synopsis of the partner program process.


By becoming a Swoosh partner, you can give your customers more value for money by delivering apps that make a difference.

Right now, if you Register with Swoosh, you will get 90 Days of double partner commission on the Swoosh applications deployed to your customers.

It takes about five minutes, but the main thing to remember is that we rely upon Microsoft Azure Active Directory, so no passwords are involved.  

So don't wait, register and join us today

Apps Ready to Deploy

Once you're registered you will have access to the public marketplace, where vendors who have chosen to publish their apps for everyone can be found.

Not sure where to start, check out a few of these:

  • Swoosh LaunchPad - A multi-application menu system
  • Swoosh DocConnect - Advanced Search within your Intranet
  • Swoosh Calendar - Advanced Calendar overlays
  • Swoosh HyperImage - Image Maps without code
  • Site Migrator - Move lists, libraries and create templates 
  • SharePoint CMS - Use SharePoint to create your new Internet site

If you can't find the productivity app you're looking for, let us know what your customers need, and we will likely have a vendor that has the app you need.