Swoosh Takes a Flight

Published 11/9/2021

This year, when it comes to applications, we're looking at things a little
differently. In the past, every time that you wanted to create, deploy,
and manage solutions it could be time consuming and costly.

At Swoosh we have a different way of looking at things. We've built a
platform to manage solution, while also providing a number of applications that act as 'the apps between the gaps', replacing the need for full platform deployments around simple cost-effective solutions like searching, calendar management and other functions.

Sound simple? It is!

We recognise that organisations also need big platform technology
deployments to round out key functionality and services.

The Swoosh platform, though the seamless use of the Microsoft Azure
platform, can also link these 'apps between the gaps with enterprise
platforms to deploy and manage functionality creating a more rounded and valuable user experience.

Along with the launching of the Swoosh platform, we also have a suite
of applications to compliment the platform. Chief among these is our
DocConnect app, that provides enterprise search results across multiple applications in the Microsoft Cloud platform (i.e Microsoft Teams,
SharePoint and OneDrive). Our platform also provides annual calendars, Image/link management and new organisational chart management.

To learn more about Swoosh and how it can increase productivity in
your organisation, check more at: www.swoosh.cloud