Swoosh Demo Launched

Published 11/12/2021

We have just launched our new Demo feature on Swoosh.Cloud, which will allow you to browse our entire Suite of Apps and more, from a live functioning SharePoint environment!

Once you've given it a go, register to a 30 day free trial of all our products so you can see how they can fill the gaps in your own SharePoint and Teams intranet.

How does the demo work?

The demo works by inviting you into our own SharePoint tenant, Swoosh Consulting.

By entering your email, security code and clicking 'Continue', we will generate a guest invitation for you to gain access as an external user. Once you are in our Azure Active Directory, you will be automatically granted viewership access across all of our demo sites.

This process takes less than 30 seconds, and you will be automatically redirected via a personal invitation link into Swoosh Consulting's SharePoint. You may be asked to provide some additional security information such as a password and MFA to login.