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Swoosh Calendar

The Swoosh Calendar is a modern SPFx web part that allows for the configuration of multiple calendar sources in a single view. Using Swoosh Calendar, you can consolidate all your calendars into a variety of views including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly views.

Swoosh DocConnect

Leverages the existing rich search functionality of Office 365 to quickly narrow down the search result and help users efficiently locate their information.

Swoosh Hyper Image

Upload any image and bring it to life in seconds. Hyperlink allows you to drop virtual overlays onto an image and enable the overlay with a hyperlink to direct uses to new pages or sites within your web or intranet

Swoosh LaunchPad

Provides an organization with the ability to publish a series of important links, which will be presented persistently to end users no matter where they are in SharePoint. Now with full support for teams

News Agent

Create news articles using Microsoft SharePoint pages and then use this application to publish them to a web site

Swoosh People Search

Allows you to quickly search for people within your organisation. You can located contact information as well as graphicly see how they fit into your organisational chart which is dynamically generated by Swoosh.

Swoosh DocDrop

Need to get a lot of documents into a number of locations; the Swoosh Document Drop application allows the dragging and dropping of files, helps you sort and categorize them easily into your document libraries

Site Copier

Looking for migrate information, including lists, from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another. Check out site copier!

People and Culture - Onboarding

An application that helps you onboard new employees into your orginisation

People and Culture - Performance Review

An application that supports you in undertaking employee performance reviews

SharePoint CMS

This advanced application allows the use of SharePoint Online to design, create and publish pages, content, files, images and documents to a public facing Internet site.

Swoosh Item Printer

Currently there in no easy way to print a list item in Modern SharePoint, so we have taken the same code provided by Microsoft and are maintaining it for several of our customers

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